How to Sell Your Inherited Real Estate Property Fast in Dallas, Texas

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Selling an inherited home in Dallas can be more complicated than selling a residence. Dallas Cash Home Buyers has the experience you need to simplify the sale.

Problems of an Heir Trying to Sell an Inherited Property

An inherited house is usually an older property and frequently needs costly repairs. Additionally, any financial obligations against the home can complicate the sale.

Financial Strings Attached

The house left to you in a will could have financial strings attached. Before you proceed with the sale, discover if any financial obligations encumber the property.

Is the house mortgaged? Was the deceased behind in any payments? Back taxes or other debt attached to the property can also delay the sale.

Arguing Heirs

Multiple heirs further complicate the sale of an inherited house. For example, your mother’s house was left to you and your siblings. Your sister wants to keep the house in the family. She suggests fixing it up as a rental. You and your brother, however, want to sell the house quickly—without spending any money on repairs.

Siblings who inherit a house together frequently disagree. Even a disagreement on the asking price for the home can complicate and delay the sale.


Due to financial constraints or other issues, the decedent may have postponed needed maintenance. Inherited homes are usually older homes, and such neglect may have caused problems that will be expensive to repair.

Water damage is a common repair issue with older homes, and can easily go unnoticed for years. If the family home has had water standing in the crawl space, for example, black mold may be growing on the underside of the subfloor.

The typical buyer does not want to purchase a home in need of significant repair. In a traditional real estate transaction, you are expected to correct any problems before showing the house. Making repairs is not only costly but also adds considerable time to the sale.

How to Resolve These Problems Fast?

A professional real estate investor can help you through the process of selling an inherited house quickly. In or out of probate, we make the sale easy and convenient.

The Best Real Estate Investors in Dallas, Texas

In Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas, we are the premier real estate investor. Dallas Cash Home Buyers has years of experience in buying inherited property. We consistently surprise homeowners with our excellent service.

We Buy Even Junk Homes!

The inspection of an inherited home generally yields many unpleasant surprises. A trip to the crawlspace or basement can reveal expensive repairs—such as black mold or a crumbling foundation.

The number of neglected maintenance issues in an inherited house can be overwhelming. If you are discouraged by the condition, we have good news! We buy houses in any condition.

When we meet with you, we just factor all repair costs into our fair cash offer. When you accept our offer, you have no further responsibility for any fixes and updates.

We Solve Your Problems for You

If the death of a parent has left you and your siblings in disagreement about the family home, we can help. As a part of our service, we assist siblings in coming to an agreement about the sale of the house.

You don’t need to deal with the decedent’s bank regarding any mortgage issues. We include loan payoffs in our offer. We also negotiate with any other creditors who may have liens against the property. When you accept our fair cash offer, you are relieved of the hassle of most of the paperwork involved in the sale of the house.

The Sale Is Very Fast

We offer a streamlined real estate transaction that is the envy of our competitors. You will experience a quick sale you didn’t think possible. From the time you accept our fair cash offer to the time of closing is usually 3 to 30 days.

We are CASH House Buyers

When you accept our fair cash offer, you can count on that amount of cash at closing. We pay closing costs and all the fees. You won’t be surprised by any hidden fees. In just a few days you will have cash for your inherited house.

I Inherited a House, Want to Sell It But I Don’t Know What to Do…

If you want to sell your inherited house, find out if the deceased left the house in a will or a living trust. In some instances, probate won’t be necessary. Otherwise, the house has to go through probate.

Selling the house while in probate is one option. Or you can sell it after you become the legal owner (after completion of the probate).

When Does One Needs Probate? And What Is It, by the Way?

Probate is the legal process of settling the estate of a deceased person. Unless the property was held in a trust or jointly owned, it must go through probate.

If the house needs to go through probate, you have to request probate be granted by the court. After the probate is approved, the house can be sold while under probate—either through a real estate auction or an executor’s sale.

Do Heirs Always Need Their Property to Go Through Probate?

In some cases, you can sell an inherited house without probate.

As an example, after the death of a parent, a house in a living trust can be transferred directly to you, and then you will sell it. The trustee can also sell the house before settling the trust. Upon settlement, you will receive the proceeds.

Property, jointly held with the right of survivorship, is transferred to the surviving co-owner (such as a spouse) without going through probate.

Some estates qualify as a small estate—if the size of the estate is valued under a maximum amount as determined by state law (in Texas it’s $75 000). Property subject to a small estate affidavit form has an abbreviated probate process.

Confused? We Can Help!

Our experienced professionals help you through the entire process of selling an inherited house. The executor of the will or the administrator of the estate can sell the probate house to us. Or we can buy it from you after you receive the title. We are familiar with all of the problems associated with inherited property. And we have the solutions you need to sell an inherited house. Contact us today!

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