How to Get Fast Cash for Your Home with Water Damage and the Blackest Mold in Dallas TX

dallas water damage and mold

The traditional market is never kind to sellers of homes with water damage or mold troubles. Even so, homeowners can still make a profit with a convenient and straightforward alternative selling option.

Problems of a Homeowner Trying to Sell a House with Mold or Water Damage

Buyers aren’t likely to even consider making an offer when there’s water damage or black mold in the house you hope to sell them. Even if the issues are in the past, your home is at a significant disadvantage.

Selling traditionally means hiring a real estate agent. You sign up for an ever-growing list of expenses that only begins with the cost of hiring realtors themselves. Leak and water damage repairs, mold remediation and regrowth prevention take time and money. To solve flooding or mold problems, plumbing fixes and heating and cooling system improvement are only a handful of costly measures you must take. Otherwise, it’s likely that you will never find a buyer for your property in the open market.

To make matters worse, even past extensive repairs raise a serious red flag for potential buyers. The fear that problems will come up again turns buyers away.

How to Avoid These Problems

Homeowners in Dallas and the surrounding areas can feel that selling their home traditionally is their only solution. However, you can sell your home no matter its current condition without having to pay any costs yourself. Instead of stressing over how to organize and fund remodeling and repairs, you can sell your home as is to a home buying company that will purchase your house for cash. The real estate investors of Dallas Cash Home Buyers have been in the business of helping homeowners for decades. Skip the hassle and make a profit fast!

Why Choosing Us?

As-Is Transaction

Gone are the days where homeowners had to shoulder the burden of planning, overseeing and funding the long and complicated process of fixing a property’s issues. Instead, you can sell your home with no effort on your end in its current condition. No matter the state of your home, our real estate investors are happy to make an offer. We’ll handle the repairs and remodeling costs ourselves after you collect your money.

You Collect Quick Cash

What you receive from our transaction is right in our company’s name. Selling to Dallas Cash Home Buyers means you not only enjoy a streamlined real estate transaction, but you also can expect to receive nothing but money after you sign our contract. Our objective is to provide our clients with the most transparent and straightforward process possible, which means you receive your hard-earned cash with no stress or unnecessary wait.

Speedy Service

We put in the work to provide you with the speediest real estate transaction available. That means we move the process along to give you a cash offer in just 24 hours after an investor visits your property so you know right off the bat what you can expect to receive. In just 3 to 30 days, our transaction can be finalized, and you can count your all-cash offer in less than 72 hours after you sign on the dotted line. While there are variables that can speed along or delay your sale, a sure-fire way to close a deal quickly is to call as soon as possible.

We Respect our Clients

Not only do our clients benefit from a speedy real estate transaction, but they also enjoy high-quality and personalized attention. We’ve provided reliable and individualized services to our clients for decades to create stress-free and enjoyable experiences. Our driving objective is to provide you with a win-win transaction that goes beyond a cash profit.

We Are Honest About Our Offer

The offer you receive after an investor visits your property and the amount agreed on by both parties is exactly what our transaction will end with you receiving. Unlike realtors or other companies that buy houses for cash, we won’t slam you with surprise expenses or hidden fees. Your money stays yours after you collect it.

Q & A

How can I sell a home if it has water damage?

The sellability of your home is still in trouble long after you’ve fixed leaky pipes or a natural disaster has blown over. A house that has been flooded, has a wet basement, or is soaked from the floor to the attic is a notoriously difficult property to sell through traditional means.

The first option you have is working with a real estate agent, like most Americans do. But this may not be the best option if your house has problems. Realtors will run you ragged with necessary repairs, tests and inspections. If you have no time or no money for this, selling your water damaged home means you dig yourself into a debt without even knowing if you can land an attractive deal in the timeframe you need.

The second option is selling to a home buying company of real estate investors that buy houses for cash. Instead of running the gauntlet on your own, you get the benefits of selling your property As Is. No matter your home’s current damages or past issues, a cash house buyer will make a no-strings-attached money offer that you can collect sooner than you thought possibleusually in 3 days to a couple of weeks, if your house doesn’t have legal issues that need additional time to finalize the sale.

Should I disclose problems with my property, such as mold and water damage, while selling it in Texas?

As a homeowner selling your property, you naturally want to close a deal on your home that gives you the best profit. This means that disclosing your home’s water damage history, or toxic mold problems can feel like a conflict of interests, seeing as doing so lowers both your home’s equity and the offer you’re likely to receive. However, the Lone Star State requires you by law to be upfront with any known issues that can be found with a reasonable investigation. This means leaving a moldy attic or leaky basement not disclosed is both immoral and illegal. Failing to disclose an issue that could have been found during a reasonable inspection, may result in the buyer suing you after the transaction.

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