How to Sell a Nice (or Bad) House in a Bad Neighborhood of Dallas, TX

dallas bad neighborhood

Are you having a problem trying to sell a house in one of Dallas’ bad neighborhoods? No matter how nice the house is, selling a house in a bad location is a challenge. But we have made the challenge much easier with these useful tips.

Always remember that there is a buyer for every property. You only need a little help in locating the right buyer. And these proven tips are useful for finding a buyer in any area of the city—whether or not you have a great house.

6 Tips on Selling Your Home in a Bad Location Quicker the Traditional Way

1. Find Those Looking for Their First Home

Make your home appealing to first-time buyers who can’t afford their dream home. As an example, if the house has large windows, emphasize them by removing dated window coverings.

A little caulk and some paint or stain will make large areas of glass stand out. If you accentuate features that buyers want, your budget house will be a good compromise for those who can’t yet afford the home of their dreams.

2. Improve the Rooms

Removing clutter from the house might be the single most important tip for attracting a buyer. A home with too much furniture and decorations will look small and confining to most buyers.

And by all means, clean. Get rid of pet stains and odors. Make that old porcelain shine in the bathrooms. Polish wood or tile floors, and shampoo any carpets. And don’t show the house unless the kitchen is sparkling clean—especially the sink, stove, and countertops.

3. Stage the Home

Help potential buyers picture themselves living in your house with a very generic arrangement of furniture and decorations. Store personal items out-of-sight, such as family photos, trophies, etc. Lighten up any dark walls with a neutral color of paint. And by all means, paint any wood paneling to brighten the house.

4. Take Care of the Neighbor’s Property

If you have a neighbor who avoids yard work, offer to cut their grass until your house sells.

5. Make an Impression of a Trustworthy Seller

You can’t improve your neighborhood overnight. But you can emphasize any positives to potential buyers—such as proximity to a highly rated elementary school. Also, set a buyer’s mind at ease with full disclosure of your property’s problems.

6. Organize an Open House

Hosting an open house can be an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your home. You will probably have more curious neighbors than motivated buyers. But if your house looks great, word will spread throughout the neighborhood.

But The Easiest Possible Way Is to Sell It to Dallas Cash Home Buyers

For many years, Dallas Cash Home Buyers has been buying property in bad neighborhoods from people in your situation. Frequently, we buy homes in need of serious repair. And we won’t shy away from purchasing property in areas of Dallas where few people are willing to live.


Our business model is based on buying properties with cash. Our offer is based on money that we already have available. You won’t wait on us to get loan approval.

Sell It As Is, in Any Neighborhood

If you’re wondering how to sell a property that no one seems to want, we can help. A run-down house in a bad location is no problem for us. We buy houses in any condition and any area of Dallas.

Don’t Pay Anything

The amount of money specified in our fair cash offer is the amount you receive at closing. No deductions are made for commissions or any other closing costs. And you will never pay a hidden fee.

We Are the Quickest Buyers in the Town

We do everything quickly—from our offer to the date of closing. If you are in a hurry to sell your property, we can buy it from you in less than a month, typically.

We Make It Easy for You

If you don’t like dealing with paperwork, you will like working with us. We take care of all the document research, and we develop the documents. All you need to do is to sign and date a few forms.

Dallas’ Worst Neighborhoods We Are Looking for Homes In

West Oak Cliff

In October of 2016, three police-involved shootings over three weeks put this neighborhood in the national spotlight. It is also home to the infamous West Dallas housing projects—a now-illegal concentration of the city’s poorest residents. The area also has an increasing crime rate—making is unpopular with home buyers.

Sand Branch

Because the neighborhood has the highest per capita number of residents on disability, Sand Branch is the most impoverished neighborhood in Dallas. It is frequently called the ‘forgotten neighborhood’ because of its high crime rate and lack of clean water. Few people want to live in this area.

Ross-Bennett Grid

More than once, this neighborhood has made the list of Dallas’ most dangerous areas. It is a magnet for robberies and drug sales. Adding further to the crime rate has been the development of poorly managed low-rise apartment buildings. Homebuyers try to avoid this area of the city.

Fair Park

Failing schools are the primary reason for this neighborhood’s lack of appeal. The median household income is half that of greater Dallas. At one point, the area became so rundown that packs of dogs ran loose on the streets—threatening the residents.

Loop 12 – Jim Miller Grid

Walking is risky in this neighborhood because of the congested roads and intersections. The area is also prone to flooding, and tons of trash and debris litter the streets in the community.

Five Points

Five Points was the center of an Ebola virus scare in 2014. Due to the influx of immigrants from Asia and Africa, the neighborhood is referred to as the ‘Ellis Island of Dallas.’ Pedestrians risk their lives when crossing the busy Route 352—Scyene Road intersection. And to make matters worse for those who want to sell their homes, the area has the highest crime rate in the city.

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