How to Get Fast Cash for Your Home in Dallas TX if It’s Old, Damaged, in Poor Condition, and Needs Major Repairs?

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Selling your home in poor condition through traditional means can make you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Most buyers aren’t interested in buying a damaged home, while updating your run down house can be too expensive or time-consuming for your circumstances.

If you live in Dallas TX or the surrounding area, you can take advantage of another selling option. Instead of making repairs and dealing with other complications of selling traditionally, you can experience quality services and quickly sell your fixer upper as is to the experienced real estate investors that comprise Dallas Cash Home Buyers.

How We Buy Houses that Need Work

We Buy Them Fast

We know that our clients prefer the sale to take the shortest possible time. We do what it takes to streamline real estate transactions so you can close a great deal in just 3 to 30 days.

We Buy Them for Cash

Selling to other buyers means you can wait weeks or months for your buyer to put together your profit. We have readily available cash so our clients can collect what they’re owed in under 72 hours after they’ve signed their contract. If you need a fast income from selling your property, we can give you the funds you need with no strings attached.

We Buy Them As Is

Stop thinking you can’t sell your house that needs a lot of work without paying for costly repairs! You can sell as is to us regardless of whether your house needs a new roof, has structural damage, or comes with foundation defects. We buy properties in any condition: from ugly houses to currently unlivable homes. No matter the state, we can make you an offer!

We Have No Hidden Fees

We provide transparent services, so we’ll never hit you with surprise expenses. When we make you an offer, we’ll include all expected costs in the amount you receive. We won’t touch a penny of your profit.

Possible Problems Your Home May Have

Fire Damage

A property damaged by fire can be a difficult house to repair without breaking the bank. When a fire reduces your home’s equity and puts you in a serious financial situation, let us help you get the money you need through a fast real estate transaction. As a company that buys houses in any condition, we can give you a cash offer on your home and handle the repairs ourselves.

Structural and Foundation Cracks and Failure

Structural and foundation problems critically affect your home’s resale value, and listing a property with these defects for sale on the housing market can require you to spend thousands of dollars fixing the issues before you can close a deal. While other buyers walk away when they hear that buying your house comes with arranging foundation repairs or even a history of the fixed structural and foundation issues, we’d be happy to make you an offer within 24 hours, no matter how bad the condition of your property is!

Toxic Mold and Black Water Damage

When your home has been damaged by water leaks, rooms have been flooded, or mold has been a repeating issue, your home’s current state and history can easily scare off buyers. To make matters worse, paying for repairs, inspections, remediation, regrowth prevention, and other necessary services can cost an amount you can’t shoulder. If your circumstances call for a sale as soon as possible, we can give you a way to collect a profit without having to fix any damages.

Termite Problems

A property that has an on-going struggle with termites can quickly be labeled as a junk house that buyers want to stay away from. If your home has failed a recent inspection and a history of termite issues has repeated itself, we’d be happy to assess your property’s value and give you a fair cash offer. We’ll include the cost of fixing structural integrity and other expenses in the offer we present you with. While you enjoy your profit, we’ll arrange any repairs, exterminations, and other services needed.


When an interested buyer learns about your home’s asbestos siding or the mineral’s presence in your property’s building materials, the hazards of asbestos are likely to remove any possible offer from the table. Because properties with asbestos are largely older houses, buyers view your home as a dated and dangerous property. Although asbestos can do no harm as long as it isn’t airborne, you buyer may expect you to order and pay for the professional removal services. With this in mind, you can skip the hassle by selling your house as is to us. We’ll handle the repairs and removal ourselves after you walk away with cash.

Q & A

Should I remodel or repair my property before selling?

Listing your house FSBO or using a realtor to sell your house means you’re likely saddled with arranging and paying for home updates. Repairs are needed to shorten the time it takes for you to receive an offer when you’re selling through the traditional real estate route, or often to even make the sale possible at all.

On the other hand, you could skip making any repairs and collect an all-cash offer within days after selling to a real estate investor. If you’re on a tight schedule, need fast income, or can’t afford to make expensive updates, this option is a better fit for your situation.

Can I be sued for problems with the house after closing?

You can be sued by the buyer after selling your old house if you left known defects undisclosed. According to Texas disclosure laws, if the property’s previous and current issues are hidden, the buyer can hold you responsible for repairs.

If everything is clearly disclosed, the seller’s responsibility ends after closing. For this reason, you and your buyer should sign a disclosure form.

For how long is the seller responsible for existing damages and defects to the property?

Normally, the home seller’s liability ends when the house is officially exchanged and the buyer knows of all property defects. Otherwise, if the seller leaves known defects and damages undisclosed, the seller commits fraud. Because the statute of limitations in Texas is 4 years, a buyer can take legal action against a seller any time within 4 years after the closing day if problems weren’t disclosed.

What should I disclose when selling a real estate property in Dallas, TX?

To avoid a lawsuit, you must declare any and all property defects you know about to the buyer. If a seller failed to disclose problems such as termite infestations, structural damage or defects, foundation repair, asbestos siding, or other issues, the seller did not follow Texas disclosure laws and can be sued by the buyer.

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