The Key to Selling a House With a Lien in Dallas, Texas

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Dealing with delinquent taxes that are draining your finances? Having a property tax lien or any other type of lien against your house will make the sales process a bit more difficult and frustrating. The sale is possible, however, and we’ll walk you through the options you can consider when selling a house with a tax lien.

Sell a Home With a Lien Against It With Ease

With These Steps, You Can Easily Sell a Property That Has a Lien on It

#1 Evaluate Your Home’s Worth

Go through a title search process to find all types of liens that are against your property. These may include a federal tax lien, a lien for construction, or one that was incurred because of child support that is owed. Knowing your liens will help you negotiate the selling price for your property and determine its market value. Work with a realtor who is an expert at local market conditions.

#2 Go Through Offers and Pick the Best One

Finding a buyer who will work with a seller with taxes owed is challenging. You may try to negotiate with and convince a buyer to take over the lien. This is highly unlikely though, as most buyers will want to purchase properties with clear titles. You may also work out a payment plan with the lienholder to satisfy debts. Once you receive offers, review all of them to determine which is most profitable.

#3 Sign the Documents, Arrange Transfer to the Buyer, and Pay Off Liens

To avoid delays in closing, pay off outstanding debts and clear your title as soon as possible. You may use the proceeds from the sale to pay the liens. You’ll have to provide the closing attorney with the funds that will be used to cover the liens and any other fees that were not covered by the buyer. Be at the closing to finalize and transfer all documents.

#4 Ensure Payment Has Been Received by Lien Holders

Ensure that you keep clear and constant communication with lien holders so you can easily verify if they have received the payment for your debts. It’s best to double check and take all steps necessary to verify if the liens have been recorded as paid in the county deed books.

Make Home Selling Simpler With the Best Company that Buys Houses With Liens in Dallas, Texas

Are back taxes keeping you from selling your property the traditional way? No need to feel burdened by that IRS lien or any other tax issues you’re facing. Dallas Cash Home Buyers has helped hundreds of clients in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas by purchasing their homes outright and getting them out of the property tax problem fast.

Leave Your Property As Is – We’ll Buy It Anyway

We can help take the home off your hands by buying it in its present state. No need to waste any time or effort to fix up that condo, apartment, or townhouse and make it presentable for open viewings. Our fair cash offer factors in your property’s current condition and the repairs that are needed.

Get Your House Sold Fast

Worried that your state tax lien may linger and a home sale on the market is just too much of a hassle to handle? We are prepared to deal with any financial issues you are facing. We typically close deals within 3 to 30 days and we’ll work efficiently to get you to closing fast.

Receive a Cash Offer Quickly

You won’t have to wait around for months just to find a buyer and run the risk of losing the deal because the buyer’s loan request got rejected. We don’t rely on banks, we have access to our own funding and we’ll buy the property directly from you and pay for it in cash.

Rid Yourself of Complications

With us, you’ll avoid all the costs and headaches that come with selling a property with a lien against it. We’ll take care of all the paperwork so you can walk away from your tax problems once and for all. We’ll only require one quick walkaround to evaluate your property and make a fair cash offer.

Never Pay for Commissions or Hidden Fees

We never charge any commissions or fees at any stage of the process. We take pride in being transparent in all transactions. You’ll get a free valuation of your property. Closing costs and any other expenses associated with selling the property is our responsibility.


Can You Explain How a Lien Affects the Sale of a House?

A lien on your property may cause you to hit a lot of roadblocks that may delay or prevent you from closing a deal when selling your house. The best way to go about it is to have your lien removed and pay all debts to clear the title. If you can’t afford the overwhelming debt, you may opt to try and work out a deal with the lienholder and develop a plan to satisfy the debt.

We offer a simpler and more convenient alternative to help you get out of your situation fast. We’ll help you by buying your property outright and taking care of the back taxes, liens, and any financial issue you’re up against.

How Does a Judgment Influence the Sale of My House?

Satisfying the judgment to have the lien removed is the best way to ensure that the property you’re selling has a clear title. Selling a home with a judgment lien can be very frustrating because there are not a lot of buyers who will be willing to go through the complications of handling a property with outstanding debts. You may try to negotiate with your creditors but more often than not, creditors will ask you to sell the property and use the profits to pay off your outstanding judgment.

We are professional cash home buyers who can help you with a quick sale so you can get fast cash to settle your judgment lien.

Will It Be Easy to Sell a Home With an SBA Loan Lien?

SBA borrowers will have to deal with the problem of a lien against their property if they are unable to pay their SBA loans. The borrower may try to settle the debt with the SBA and provide funds from a house sale to remove the lien. It will be hard, however, for a borrower to find a buyer who will be interested to purchase a property with a SBA Loan Lien against it.

We are ready to buy your property from you as soon as possible and deal with the lien so you can rid yourself of all financial issues and have a fresh start. Contact us right away so we can discuss your options.

Any Recommended Steps on Selling a House With a Medicaid Lien?

After the death of a Medicaid beneficiary, the state may put a lien on the property of the bereaved beneficiary to recover or reimburse the funds spent on his or her long-term health care. A lien may be imposed on the home to ensure that the equity goes to Medicaid.

Want to sell your property quickly but are anxious that a Medicaid lien on it makes the task feel impossible? We’ll help relieve the burden by negotiating the terms of the lien with Medicaid and provide you with a straightforward sale so you can let go of the problem property as fast as possible.

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